An archive of verified images of munitions from conflict zones and tools to help users understand the key distinctions between munitions.

Do not approach munitions in any circumstances
Classification groups of key explosive munitions used in conflicts

Munition Category

State of the munition in the image

Munition Condition

The type of fins visible on the munition

Fins Characteristic

Features of munitions that affect their aerodynamics


Parts defining the operation mechanisms of a projectile that are visible in the image.

Mechanical Feature

Thickness of the body of a munition’s warhead or payload


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Air-Delivered Bomb

Air-delivered bombs are bombs that are dropped from an aerial vehicle. Compared to other munition categories, they are typically large and can weigh up to 2,000 kilograms – roughly the weight of a car.

Civilian Harm Allegation


Three civilians including one child died and two others were injured in an alleged Coalition airstrike on Maysalon, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights...